Thursday, December 1, 2011

High Fevers and Pain

Its been a couple of tough days for Marco. His fevers have gotten pretty high in the last couple of days, it got to the point yesterday that I called hospice to ask how the hell to get the fever down. Nothing was working all damn day. She said I had to place ice packs under his arm and cold towels on his forehead, and call her in an hours to see if it was going down. One hour later it went down but was still on the high side. She told me to wait and start again for another hour till it went down. His fever all day never dropped passed 100.5 highest was 102.2, so we continued with the ice till 1am and by 4 am it seemed to be going down.

This morning I was happy the fever had gone down, but once he started to move to get out of bed his pain shot up and so did the fever. I really hope he gets a break today, he is still having a hard time talking without losing his breath but at times it seems that its better. As long as the pain is okay....his breathing is alright. Hoping for a better day today.


hello kitty said...

Still hoping and praying for the best. We love you and want to pay a quick visit if only 2 drop off pie! Will give you a call on fri. Big hugs and lots of kisses.
Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty said...
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