Monday, December 19, 2011

I say...Burst of Energy ....Marco says....Feeling 6% Better....

Marco has been doing a little better, especially if he takes it easy and doesn't over due himself. He still has trouble breathing and depending on what he does it can tire him out. Its been crazy these last couple of weeks. Marco really thought that he was going to kick the bucket when the pain was so severe he couldn't breath or move for that matter on that Monday 11/28.

Its been a week that his fevers have been gone and just over four days that the sweating episodes have gone as well. It just so worrisome, to see what is going on but I can't do a damn thing about it ,but tried to bring the fevers down and tried to keep him warm while he was cold yet sweating.

I am glad that "for now " he is doing okay. So far the morphine that they have him on is doing a great job maintaining that horrible pain he had 4 weeks ago.
But we know that there is still something going on and its a matter of time before something trigger it because the morphine won't be enough to cover it anymore, but I am very vigilant and checking him every couple of hours throughout the night. Just glad he is not in any pain, which is our main concern.

On Saturday, We all wanted to go to my grama's house for the posada so,I told Marco if we really wanted to go surprise the cousin that he had to rest and take it easy in order for him to be ok for a little bit. We were all so excited to see him wanting to go. I could just imagine how they all felt see him too.

Our family is so so many ways. You all have gone far and beyond and we appreciate it very much.

We have come so far and have gone through so much and there you are. You are all amazing!


Agent Turd said...

Im glad that Marco is feeling better and the fevers have stayed away. We were all scared a couple weeks ago. Yet, Everytime I ask him about how he is doing, he says he is alright. Marco Always keeps that calm attitude no matter how he feels. I think that helps everyone keep calm as well. I love you Marco and if you need anything let me know.

Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

You are doing an amazing job caring for Marc and the kids. You are a vigilant nurse. Marcs you are so lucky to have her attending to you with such strength and focus.
I am so glad that you were up to seeing us all! Let me tell you that I almost lost it when I realized it was you guys. I am just glad I kept it together or weezee would have beat me!

Anonymous said...

Seeing you all at the posada was AMAZING! I think we were in shock for a few seconds...then attacked all of you with hugs. It was the best posada ever!! I second that
S3U5...never want to be beat by weezee :)
~Cousin from HP

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to hear you guys enjoyed the time spent with loved ones. Gotta love the positive vibes and hope that is shared, specially during these difficult times. I do appreciate the love that is shared and the support. Nice picture of the family. Marco hang in there! I love you so much!
Love ya'll, Leezy120