Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Small Break From The Fever.....Till Now....

Its been a long scary week ....Marco's fevers are still high since a week ago today, last night and early this morning he was so cold he was woken up by sweating episode you would of thought I threw water on him. There was no pain or fever at the time which was weired. He has been having stomach spasms at night with chills and he gets so cold he has a slight shiver. Its hard to try to keep him warm without getting his temp to high that it takes longer to bring down.

After having 3 extremely sweating episodes it seemed to give him a long break from the fever, till just now. He was even up for awhile out of bed which was good. But as soon as the fever starts to creep up you can see if takes a toll on him. We all hope he has a better night to sleep and relax a little.

The morphine seems to be keeping the pain under control but the pain has to be very high that he still feels some soreness in his lungs and chest. the medication is working and at the same time you know that the stupid ass cancer is still growing inside and forming havic in his body.

His breathing is getting better without using the oxygen tank but he is taking it easy, because his breathing can change at any time without warning.

Thank you everyone for all your well wishes and positive vibes.


Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

Well glad to hear that he had some relief if only for a short time. V

Anonymous said...

Hope you guys get some rest. Even a good night sleep and a peaceful rest is a challenge. Hope you do get better days and nights. Sending you my love, positive vibes, and also wishing you comfort. Love Leezy