Monday, December 19, 2011

I say...Burst of Energy ....Marco says....Feeling 6% Better....

Marco has been doing a little better, especially if he takes it easy and doesn't over due himself. He still has trouble breathing and depending on what he does it can tire him out. Its been crazy these last couple of weeks. Marco really thought that he was going to kick the bucket when the pain was so severe he couldn't breath or move for that matter on that Monday 11/28.

Its been a week that his fevers have been gone and just over four days that the sweating episodes have gone as well. It just so worrisome, to see what is going on but I can't do a damn thing about it ,but tried to bring the fevers down and tried to keep him warm while he was cold yet sweating.

I am glad that "for now " he is doing okay. So far the morphine that they have him on is doing a great job maintaining that horrible pain he had 4 weeks ago.
But we know that there is still something going on and its a matter of time before something trigger it because the morphine won't be enough to cover it anymore, but I am very vigilant and checking him every couple of hours throughout the night. Just glad he is not in any pain, which is our main concern.

On Saturday, We all wanted to go to my grama's house for the posada so,I told Marco if we really wanted to go surprise the cousin that he had to rest and take it easy in order for him to be ok for a little bit. We were all so excited to see him wanting to go. I could just imagine how they all felt see him too.

Our family is so so many ways. You all have gone far and beyond and we appreciate it very much.

We have come so far and have gone through so much and there you are. You are all amazing!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Take My Breath Away.....

Fevers since last Monday 11/28/2011 seem to last, less than other days. The sweating, we thought had passed but the last two nights were even worse. The blankets on top and bottom have been soaked and it just leaves a silhouette on the bed from head to toe.
Marco's right leg has been swollen for the last past 3 days with some edema, which means that if I grab anywhere on his leg I leave a deep impression of my fingers on his leg. Could be from water retention or who knows.
Marco's seemed to have some energy the last two days where he went to go get the mail and of course has shortness of breath by the time he comes back in the house, took out the trash and again losing his breath in the process. We did manage to get him out of the house the other day to take a small walk in Target. That just lead to him feeling really tired and out of breath but he would say he was fine. As he is trying to catch his breath.
Tonight he went to go take a shower and he came out just winded, you could see in his face he was having trouble trying to catch his breath. He still tries to do the most he can in the day which is good but he pays for it later, which is not good.
He says he needs to take it easy now, taking a breath is a challenge. Says the man who wanted to race me to the door, to the car, to the truck , yeah right ......
Hoping, Marco has a better night tonight, so far fever is up a bit and started to sweat early today so will see how it goes tonight.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Small Break From The Fever.....Till Now....

Its been a long scary week ....Marco's fevers are still high since a week ago today, last night and early this morning he was so cold he was woken up by sweating episode you would of thought I threw water on him. There was no pain or fever at the time which was weired. He has been having stomach spasms at night with chills and he gets so cold he has a slight shiver. Its hard to try to keep him warm without getting his temp to high that it takes longer to bring down.

After having 3 extremely sweating episodes it seemed to give him a long break from the fever, till just now. He was even up for awhile out of bed which was good. But as soon as the fever starts to creep up you can see if takes a toll on him. We all hope he has a better night to sleep and relax a little.

The morphine seems to be keeping the pain under control but the pain has to be very high that he still feels some soreness in his lungs and chest. the medication is working and at the same time you know that the stupid ass cancer is still growing inside and forming havic in his body.

His breathing is getting better without using the oxygen tank but he is taking it easy, because his breathing can change at any time without warning.

Thank you everyone for all your well wishes and positive vibes.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

High Fevers and Pain

Its been a couple of tough days for Marco. His fevers have gotten pretty high in the last couple of days, it got to the point yesterday that I called hospice to ask how the hell to get the fever down. Nothing was working all damn day. She said I had to place ice packs under his arm and cold towels on his forehead, and call her in an hours to see if it was going down. One hour later it went down but was still on the high side. She told me to wait and start again for another hour till it went down. His fever all day never dropped passed 100.5 highest was 102.2, so we continued with the ice till 1am and by 4 am it seemed to be going down.

This morning I was happy the fever had gone down, but once he started to move to get out of bed his pain shot up and so did the fever. I really hope he gets a break today, he is still having a hard time talking without losing his breath but at times it seems that its better. As long as the pain is okay....his breathing is alright. Hoping for a better day today.