Tuesday, January 3, 2012

As Best We Could..To Get Over The Holidays

Well we got over the holidays as best we could. A lot of emotions flowing around here these days but just taking it one day at a time. We were glad to be home and just taking it easy.

The morphine that Marco was put on seems to be doing its job in not giving him great pain he was experiencing a couple of weeks ago. Which we are very glad about.

We hope everyone had a great holiday and that you all cherished the time with all your families and your loved ones.

We hope the new year brings eveyone good health.


Anonymous said...

Like you said... taking it a day at a time. Hope you guys get to have some peace and more precious time together. Glad to hear you guys are taking it easy and Marco's pain is under control. Love Leezy120

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Marco is not suffering like before and that you continue to have quality time together. We love you!
Love Hello Kitty