Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bitter Sweet

Matthew invited us to the movies on Saturday to watch Man On The Ledge....they both loved it and i could have walked out of the movie 5 minutes into it. But it was a nice outing. Sunday we had the opportunity to go to Kiki and Lisa's baby shower in L.A and had a great time seeing all the family there.
Marco has been having more soreness in his left and right sides and a couple of days ago he was coughing up some blood sputum. It seems to have stopped for now but we are keeping an eye on that. His head soreness last night seems to be getting worse. He was complaining in his sleep of pain and held his head in the process but when I went to wake him up he said he was alright. Watching that too. He has been feeling very tired and it takes some time for him to find the strength to get out of bed.
Marco is excited for the Disturbers Super Bowl get-together this weekend. Its been over a year since they last got together.
So far on the end of the month things to do list,I have so far done most of them. Last night, Marco and I worked on the Memorial Video...we laughed, we cried, cried some more and laughed. We were up late picking songs and Marco says to me,"did you know that there aren't to many people in the world who live to participate in making decision on their own funeral planning. We usually see it on TV were the old person is leaving a message to their loved ones of what they are getting as inheritance.
In this case, we are just planning on what he would like for his funeral arrangements. Looking at all the pictures and putting it together, would of been something I would love to enjoy doing but this is somewhat bitter sweet to be making this, but it needs to get done.
I have just one more thing on the list but I tell Marco its one of those voodoo feeling kind of things to go making the real funeral arrangement, is like taboo....if you go do it, it may happen kind of feeling. But Larry the nurse would like to have everything in order before anything happens. Will see how that goes.....for now just taking it easy.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a really good time with your friends this weekend. I love you. Leezy

Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

Watch your blood pressure with those disturbers! Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you on Sunday!

~Cousin from HP