Saturday, February 11, 2012

Busy Weekend....Strenght

Just seems like a lot going on. Marco has had a real hard time with his breathing the last couple of days. And has been coughing more lately too with some bloody sputum. No fever tonight which is good. He has been feeling very tired as well but does his best to get up and do a little something. Extremely slowly not to get winded.

We are excited to see family we haven't seen in a while, Moshura's sister is coming out from D.C. to visit and the Temecula family will be here this weekend. Just hoping Marco can be out in the living room if only for a little bit to say hello. Since he hasn't been feeling good lately at all.

Emotionally drained is what we feel. Just wrapping up on last minute things so we can say that thing to do list is done. We want to thank my sister Surviving 3 under 5 for helping us out with all of this shit we had to do.

Will keep you posted if anything changes.

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Anonymous said...

Hope the good company lifts up your spirits. Hoping for better days of comfort, strength, love, hope, and good and positive vibes. Love, Leezy