Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Through Vero's eyes.....The Wife's sister

Fallin apart at the seams. We knew that we were in for a crazy ride but can it be that the crazy ride has gone into overdrive? Marco has been spitting up more and more masses of bloof from his lungs. They have been getting bigger and bigger. Last night he struggled to spit up 2 enormous blood clots the size of a paper dollar. He has been using up an enormous amounts of energy to spit up the clots and has had an alarming rise in his blood pressure and pulse. His body has been going through fever and sweats all day and night for the past 2 days. Larry the nurse says that his body is trying to compensate for the extreme shortness of breath. His distress has also increased because last night, the medicines had not been aleviating his pain or anxiety. Today the meds were all increased to help make him more comfortable and relieve some anxiety. We are on alert to watch out for additional issues like passing out, falling, and the dreaded blood clot getting stuck. He is in crisis mode. Every breath taking every ounce of his energy. We are aware that we are entering dangerous territory. The lungs are expelling an alarming amount of masses and breathing capabilities can be blocked at any time.

Through it all we continue to see Marco's sharp wit shine through. He is conscious and alert between the sedation of the meds. He is in good spririts. He does not complain. Instead he says he has the greatest nurse in Marie. He makes fun of the green Jello we are begging him to eat. And he fights for the remote claiming he is listening to the t.v. with his eyes are closed.


Agent Turd said...

I love you Marco. Stay strong brother. If I can do or get anything for you guys let me know, day or night.

Anonymous said...


Please know that we love you with all our hearts and Pray that you will know that we think of you often and of the entire Mendez family. Stay Strong.
Hello Kitty from Temecula.