Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why? Does it seem that when the fun ends.... the fevers begin...???

Saturday night, Marco was really gasping for air and asked for the oxygen, you know his ass wasn't feeling well at that point to ask for it. . When it was time for us to go to sleep all he did was get into bed and leaned in to get all the blanket ready and his eyes almost popped out his head because he couldn't breath.

It scared me to see him like that, he asked for oxygen again. 5 min. later he looked better and he was

able to breath normal again. When Sunday rolled around, Marco was really hoping that he would feel good to see all the guys and be able to make it to the get together. Well, it didn't take long after he woke up and got out of bed when his was having a hard time breathing.

So finally when it was time to go I told him we could go for a little bit and if he didn't feel good then we could leave. Packed up the oxygen tank and meds and we were on our way. He was just taking it easy and we were able to stay for awhile till he felt tired and we came home. We had a great time with the the Disturbers and Family. With all kind of good food and good times. Seeing all the grown kids just made you feel like time is passing by so fast. Thank you to Liz and NoNo for the Super Bowl get together.

This morning he had a hard time breathing so he was on the oxygen again. He also coughed up some bloody sputum. Around 8:30pm tonight he was having more problems breathing so he is back on the oxygen. He has had a fever of 102.0 so I started to put cold packs on him to bring it down.

Its 11:58pm now and his breathing hasn't changed (normal this morning 5 min it was back to normal) right now just seems to be giving him problem. Gave him some medication to bring fever down and see what happens throughout the night. He is not feeling good at the time will keep you posted. His temp right now is 101.4 so it looks like its coming down slowly.

Marco says he is glad he was able to see all the guys before the fevers kicked it.


Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better. Thinking of you and your family.

rene said...

Easy solution. Don't stop the fun!!! :-D Hope he's feeling better prima!!!