Friday, April 6, 2012

Life Goes On.....Marco's saying

Life doesn't stop. It keeps on going no matter what.The kids have now been back to school 2 weeks and have finally caught up with their homework since they were gone.It was a lot for the kids to go back to school and get caught up with the school work, but I told to just try their best.

Here I was trying to write on the blog the other day and it took me all damn day just to write my last blog entry. Its just so hard to express your feelings without breaking down. So here I am again tring to write through my damn tears. They should invent some type of eye wipers that just clear them away when you can't see shit in front of you to write.

Today as I was driving back from dropping off Matthew from school I decided to tune into the blend xm radio and as I listen to the song coming on I said to myself hey I have heard that tune before.......Love, Love will keep us together. I laughed, I cried all the way back to my mom's house but with a smile on my face. Little things like this make my day, these are the little thing I appreciate to be able to think back on Marco singing this song and dancing like a commador snaping his fingers as he swade, side to side.

I was talking to Surviving 3 under 5 and I asked her if she had seen the new commercial on the Pop Tarts when they are plain and then all of a sudden they have all these crazy colors. Well the kids and I were watching TV and all of the sudden this commercial comes out and we hear the I'm to sexy song....we all started to laugh out loud and I said your daddy would of jump out of his bed and started to shake his ass and sing out loud. We all just laughed. We love this commercial.

Life throws you some interesting things when you least expected.... its up to you to know how you'll let yourself accept them. With acceptance, smile and enjoy the moment or not accknowledge that its there, ignore it, and let the moment slip away.

Well,as you all know DLP will be graduating this May 2012 and she is so excited. She will be making her college choice soon. She has her eye on UC Santa Cruz,yes you guessed it by the sea. Marco always told her to make decisions on what is better for her and the career she choses,never take the short cuts for anything. Aim high in life and you'll be great and doors will open for you.

I am very excited to have DLP go off to college, we will be taking a trip up north next week to get a tour of the school. There is a lot going on with Prom in two weeks and we just ordered her yearbook, graduation, and moving possibly to Santa Cruz for college. A lot of things happening fast, too fast but life goes on and we just have to jump on the life train to were its headed sometimes. But I know she will be alright. Very excited to see UC Santa Cruz!


Anonymous said...

WHERE ARE WE GOING??!!!!! U!...C! ------ (EVERYONE) SANTA CRUZ!!!!!! So excited for Nay. Marco would be keeping it kool.. searching for everything and anything having to do with weather, traffic, stores, pathways, and anything to add to the journey ahead. Comedy! Must do the Marco checklist before going anywhere and be prepared.
Marie you have been doing great!

As much as we try to be happy .. the tears get the best of us. For anything important, because Marcito was always around or had something to say about big things. I was thinking about tomorrow and how usually there is some big to do with food either the day of or day before.. and it would always be the big to do of what we were having.. but ultimately.. what did Marco want to eat.. what did he feel like having that day. Hilarious.
I still stick to the familiar.. imagine what would be said.. seriously think I actually hear it too.

Anonymous said...

I need those eye wipers now. I can't say enough how much you, Marco and the kids have taught us. We love you. We miss Marco too and we also feel his presence. We are sssoo proud of you DLP. Once you step foot on that campus you will know if it's for you.

<3 Cousin from HP